Corepolo - Animation & Design

Omron animation

Working with Freshly Made Films, we created this infographic styled animated video explaining the benefits of Omron’s new Wheeze Monitor. This style of animation combines 2d motion graphics and 3D product animation to give a unique end result. We also provided 3D product mockups.

The new Omron Wheeze Monitor can detect if a child is wheezing by analysing a child’s breathing for 30 seconds. A wheeze can be difficult to identify in children under 5 so this device helps to take the doubt out and saves lives.

Product renders

From 3D models, visualisations were created and rendered, providing a photographic view of the product prier to Omron having a physical product.
This is a great way to demonstrate a products functions and promote the usability and features. 6k 3D renders were created for use online and shows.