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iPhone 6s 4K camera testing | Baby at the Lakes

iphone 6s 4k video test 01

We couldn’t resist taking the new iPhone 6s out for a test shoot as soon as we got it. The new iPhone shoots 4k footage at 30fps and it really packs a punch… Check out the video below!

Strangely, the new iPhone doesn’t come ready prepared for 4k video… you need to enable this within the iPhone’s settings before you can get the benefit of this feature. Also, the new 120fps at 1080p is great as you can introduce a little slow-motion when needed.

While the iPhone 6s doesn’t have optical image stabilization, it does have digital image stabilization, which is the camera’s software accounting for any shakiness.  Although, it’s not as effective when shooting in 4K than it is when shooting at 1080p. You can see this in the video above with the shots being hand held, and it was quite hard to capture the smooth movements we needed.

Possibly test the new iPhone 6s Plus next!!

We also added our new 4K animated intro for our future iPhone videos. Something simple but effective.

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