The Challenge

3D model a veriety of products for Provita that develop a range of products specific to cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses and small animals.

The Solution

We worked along side Icono ltd to create these artworks and provide extremely high quality 3d modeled renders that are used for their promotional material, both web and print. Each model was created from an initial prototype hard copy. We were able to take the dimensions straight from the objects, produce a line of beautiful renders using a professional standard 3D modeling and animation software. For Provita, this method of creating imagery was best suited as we can utilise the benefits of 3D models and create limitless images, change/update label designs and be more creative with the outcome.

The Result

Pro vita Response Paste 3D model
Provita Conquest 3D modelProvita Conquest 3D model
Pro vita Response Paste 3D animation
Provita colostrum 3D modelProvita colostrum 3D model
Provita drench 3D modelProvita drench 3D model
Provita response paste 3D modelProvita response paste 3D model
Provita response paste group shot - 3D modelProvita response paste group shot - 3D model

The Client's Thoughts